Why Collect Leaves?

    Rounding up the leaves in your garden is more beneficial than you might think. Here, we explain why you should keep your lawn clear and why you should transform those leaves into leaf mulch and mould, both of which are essential for keeping your garden healthy year after year. 

    Is Collecting Leaves Good For Your Lawn?

    Leaves fall from the trees every year. If left unattended you could soon see your lawn suffer, but more interestingly, you can easily overlook their value. When gathered up and used properly, these stray leaves can reinvigorate your garden.

    Your grass is a living organism, requiring both air and sunlight to create food, and grow. Allowing thick piles of leaves to gather on your lawn will prevent sunlight from reaching the grass, therefore suffocating it. Leaving leaves for even just three weeks may be enough to damage your grass and leave it in a muddy mess.

    Similarly, in less extreme cases, as the grass becomes weaker because of the lack of sunlight it’s getting, moss starts to grow and takes its place. This moss can then spread rapidly leaving your garden looking messy and un-kept. 

    Why Is Raking Leaves Necessary?

    Fallen leaves cause other more practical problems too. They can clog up and cover drains, preventing rainwater from washing away. In periods of heavy rain, this water may pool and cause areas around your home to flood. Wet leaves also create an additional risk because they become slippery. If trodden on, they may cause the individual to fall, hurting themselves in the process.

    How To Clear Leave From Your Garden

    There is a variety of ways to collect leaves from your garden, and many different garden tools are available to help. There is no best way to do this; it’s all a matter of preference.

    Traditionally, the garden rake is the tried and tested way of collecting your leaf litter. However, in recent years, leaf blowers and garden vacuums have grown in popularity. Users simply blow their leaves into a big pile in the centre of the lawn and then pick them up, before placing them into bags. Some blowers even have vacuum capability that means you simply suck up the leaves directly into a bag for easy transfer. 

    What Can You Do With the Leaves?

    • Leaves are fantastic fuel for your garden and can be used to make leaf mulch.
    • They’re an invaluable organic material for your compost.
    • Make leaf mould, a fantastic soil conditioner.

    Learning to make the most of every stray leaf will help give your plants and garden a boost all year round.