Top Tools to Help Collect Leaves in the Garden

    In the UK, leaves fall from the trees from late September to mid-November. While a few leaves around the garden are fine, there are so many other uses for dried leaves that many gardeners prefer to collect them for, including leaf mould or compost rather than leave them lying around. There are lots of different tools available for collecting leaves but some work a little better than others in different situations, so it is good to have a range at your fingertips. 

    Why Raking Leaves Is Necessary

    The benefits of dried leaves are many and varied but leaving a thick layer of leaves on your lawn will deprive it of sunshine through the winter. Raking leaves is a good idea to keep your grass healthy and reap the rewards of dried leaves elsewhere in the garden. You could redistribute shredded dried leaves in your flowerbeds to protect plants from frost, or you could add leaves to your compost heap.

    Whatever your plans are, here are a few of the best tools to collect leaves before your start. 

    Leaf Grabber

    The simplest tool is often the best tool, especially if you only have a few leaves to collect. A leaf grabber works like a litter picker, so it is easy to handle. You can find leaf grabbers in all good garden centres. 

    Garden Rakes

    Another simple way to remove leaves from your lawn is with a garden rake. Raking leaves benefits your lawn as a heavy layer of leaves will prevent sunlight reaching the grass. The best way to rake leaves is to start at the edges of your lawn and work towards the centre, creating a pile in the middle. Then you can gather the leaves into a bag to be put in the bin or used on the compost heap. This is one of the cheapest methods to clear leaves and you should be able to buy rakes of all kinds in most garden centres and DIY stores. 

    Leaf Blowers

    Clearing autumn leaves can be quite a chore so if you’re wondering how to pick up leaves fast, the Flymo leaf blower is for you. This garden tool will allow you to direct a large number of leaves into a tidy pile for collection. Blow the leaves downwind and onto a sheet for easy removal. Once your sheet is full, gather the corners together to move the leaves either to the bin or to your compost heap. Leaf blowers are generally quite cheap, but for a similar amount you can buy a garden vacuum which will collect the leaves too. 

    Garden Vacuums

    Garden vacuums are one of the fastest ways to pick up leaves, especially when they are scattered across your garden, and not just on the lawn. Garden vacuums can vary in size and price, but the weight is the most important aspect to consider as it will increase as you collect leaves.

    The best garden vacuums will efficiently shred the leaves as they are collected so they are the ideal size for adding to the compost heap. Some garden vacs struggle to collect wet leaves, but the Flymo GardenVac 2700 has a jet vac mode. This gives the vacuum an extra boost of suction to lift and collect wet leaves. 

    Electric Lawn Rakes

    Much like lawn mowers, lawn rakes are quick and easy to use - they do all the back-breaking manual labour for you! Lawn rakes, or lawn rakers as they are sometimes known, typically have two functions: to collect leaves, and to scarify the lawn, removing moss and thatch for healthier grass.

    Lawn rakes like the Flymo Lawn Rake Compact 3400 allow you to change the raking height. By placing it on the highest setting, it will throw the leaves into its easy-to-empty collection box without disturbing the grass below.