Why you should collect fallen leaves from your garden and how to do it

The leaves fall from the trees every year – it’s a matter of fact. They can look very pretty lying there on your lawn and thinking, ‘a few leaves won’t hurt’ however - there are a few dangers in giving them free reign over your garden.

Your grass is a living organism and requires both air and sunlight to create food, and grow. Allowing thick piles of leaves to gather on your lawn will prevent sunlight from reaching the grass, therefore suffocating it. Leaving leaves for even just three weeks, may be enough to damage your grass and leave a muddy mess.

Similarly in less extreme cases, as the grass becomes weaker because of the lack of sunlight it’s getting, moss starts to grow and takes its place. This moss can then spread rapidly leaving your garden looking messy and un-kept.

Fallen leaves cause other more practical problems too. They can clog up and cover drains, preventing rain water from washing away. In periods of heavy rain, this water may pool and cause areas around your home to flood. Wet leaves also create an additional risk to the home owner, because they become slippery and if trodden on while walking down the driveway or garden paths may cause the individual to fall, hurting themselves in the process.

How to clear leaves from your garden

There is a variety of ways to collect leaves from your garden and many different garden tools are available to help. While there is no ‘best way’ to do this, people have their own preferences.

For starters, there is the good old fashioned garden rake. This is often the most time consuming way, but it is one of the most successful and satisfying. In recent years, leaf blowers have grown in popularity. Users simply blow leaves into a big pile in the centre of the lawn and then pick them up - then place them into bags.

Flymo Top Tip

If using a leaf blower to collect leaves, put a sheet down on the lawn first. Blow the leaves into the centre of the sheet. This allows you to move the pile easily if you need to and you can draw the corners of the sheet inwards to help make piles of leaves more quickly.

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