Autumn Tidy

Autumn is that time of year when your lawn and garden can start to look awful again. The wind and rain starts again, plus the leaves fall from the trees once more. Here you can find some quick, easy and practical hints and tips on keeping your lawn and garden looking neat and tidy throughout the autumn months with little fuss and effort.


How to make a compost heap

Every experienced gardener knows that good compost is an eco-friendly way to provide vital nutrients to a garden and its inhabitants. One of the best ways to look after your garden is to start producing your own ‘Black Gold’, as we explain in our guide to creating compost heaps.
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Why you should collect fallen leaves from your garden and how to do it

The leaves fall from the trees every year – it’s a matter of fact. They can look very pretty lying there on your lawn and thinking, ‘a few leaves won’t hurt’ however - there are a few dangers in giving them free reign over your garden.

Your grass is a living organism and requires both air and sunlight to create food, and grow. Allowing thick piles of leaves to gather on your lawn will prevent sunlight from reaching the grass, therefore suffocating it. Leaving leaves for even just three weeks, may be enough to damage your grass and leave a muddy mess.

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Ways to collect fallen leaves from different areas of your garden

If you have trees in, or around your home then you are likely to be busy picking up leaves throughout the autumn. Fallen leaves get everywhere, and they aren’t always the easiest of things to collect. That is why a variety of leaf collection equipment is needed when collecting leaves from different types of terrain in and around your property.
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Garden Vac

The difference between clean and dirty fan vacuums

The two main types of garden vacuum available to buy are called ‘clean fan’ or ‘dirty fan’ systems and they each have their own benefits over the other.

Clean fan systems in a garden vacuum work by diverting the airflow generated by the motor, down a chute and into a collection bag. Any debris that is collected, is shredded or mulched by using shredding line connected to a rotating disc, located just before the collection bag.

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Garden Vac

Tools to help collect leaves in the garden

A few leaves around the garden won’t cause any problems, but some people prefer to collect and dispose of them. From late September to mid-November, the leaves fall from the trees in the UK. While a few leaves around the garden won’t cause any problems, some people prefer to collect and dispose of them. Here are a few tools available on the market today to collect leaves.

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Shreds leaves for reduced volume in collection bag

Uses for fallen leaves

Leaving fallen leaves on your lawn can suffocate your grass, but they have a number of helpful uses.

Around September / October is the time that leaves begin to fall from the trees. It happens every year and causes a headache for most homeowners, yet brown fallen leaves have a number of helpful uses.

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Leaf Mulch – How, what, and why

Leaves are plentiful in the autumn as they fall from the trees and collect on the ground in our gardens. Rounding them up and putting them back to work is a great way to ensure that your garden flourishes time and time again, as we explain our guide to leaf mulch.
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How To Make Leaf Mould

Transform autumn leaves into valuable leaf mould, which is as easy to use as mulch, soil conditioner or a seed compost. Learn more in our guide to making leaf mould.
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