18V EasiTrim Plus 230 (Product Only)

The Flymo 18V EasiTrim Plus 230 is a 23cm battery grass trimmer with extra features to make trimming easy with no restricting cord for greater freedom and flexibility. Designed for small to medium gardens and powered by one 18V Power4All battery, which can be shared across a wide range of tools within the Power4All Alliance. The lightweight and balanced design helps to reduce fatigue while working and the most comfortable working position can be found by altering the secondary hand and adjusting the trimmer height by up to 24cm. Switch between trimming and shrubbing modes with the simple click of a button, lower the trimmer by up to 60° to reach underneath trampolines and other garden furniture. The 18V EasiTrim Plus 230 uses trimmer blades compared to trimmer line, which are more durable. The plant guard helps protect flowers and bedding plants and also reduces the wearing down of the trimming blade when trimming close to fences, planters and other hard garden obstacles. Packed with convenient features such as an LED display to see the remaining battery charge from the operating position. Enjoy trimming up to 1125m2 of lawn edges on one single charge.

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