18V UltraCut 500 (Ready to Use Kit)

The Flymo 18V UltraCut 500 is a 50cm cordless hedge trimmer with advanced features for the ultra trimming experience with no restricting cord for greater freedom and flexibility. Designed for small to medium gardens and powered by one 18V Power For All battery, which can be shared across a wide range of tools within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. The precision blades ensure a high quality cut everytime on most hedge types. The lightweight and balanced design reduces fatigue whilst working. In addition the debris guard and blade tip protector increases operator safety and blade protection when trimming close to walls or fences. Packed with convenient features such as an LED display to see the remaining battery charge from the operating position. The 270° handle with wrap around touch point offers you the flexibility to cut at every angle and enjoy trimming up to 190m2 of bushes & hedges on one single charge.
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