SimpliStore 340 Li

The Flymo SimpliStore 340 Li is a 34cm battery wheeled lawnmower with essential features to make mowing simple with no restricting power cord for greater freedom & flexibility. Designed for small to medium size gardens and powered by two 20V Li-Ion batteries to give 40V performance. A close edge cutting system allows a neat cut right up to edges of the lawn or flowerbeds, reducing the need for trimming afterwards. and the clever vertical storage position means it takes up less floor space keeping your shed neat and tidy, or you can simply fold the handles down flat to store away neatly. Comes with convenient features such as a large capacity 35L grass box which collects more grass between emptying with a tongue designed to prevent spilling and also lets you know when its full, a simple single lever for easy adjustments the cutting height and an extra transport position of the handles to make it easy to move around the garden with ease. For greater flexibility and control the twin lever handles allow you to operate the machine with either hand comfortably. A central handle makes it easier to pick up and carry from the lawn when you're done.


Spare Parts:
FLY087 - Metal blade 34cm

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