C-Link 20V Combi Pack 3 in 1

The all new Flymo Lithium-Ion battery products come in this handy Combi Pack. The kit includes a grass trimmer with a 30cm cutting width, a hedge trimmer with a 42cm blade length and 16mm blade gap and a blower that has blow speeds of up to 128km/h. All these products are interchangeable with the handy power head concept, simply click and go. All your gardening needs in 1 convenient bundle. Included in box:

- C-Link 20V Grass Trimmer

- C-Link 20V Hedge Trimmer

- C-Link 20V Blower

- 2x 20V C-Link Battery

- 1x C-Link Charger

- 1x Interchangeable Powerhead

  • This item is currently not available

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