Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario

The GARDENA Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario is the ideal fit for watering your mid-sized planting areas between 25 and 225 m². The sprinkler has a maximum range of 17 m in diameter. Adjust the lawn sprinkler to your needs by altering the sprinkling angle in 7 steps from 90° to 360°. The sprinkler-turning turbine allows for an even water distribution without the build-up of puddles. You can easily connect multiple circular sprinklers in a row (Tap Connector 18201/18221 required) to water even bigger green areas. Thanks to the integrated filter, you can easily clean and maintain the sprinkler. With a sturdy plastic sled, the sprinkler is stable and the metal inlays give additional stability. The Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario is a quality product made in Europe and is protected with five years of warranty by GARDENA.
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