Vacuum Your Lawn

For keeping the garden tidy all year round a Garden Vac is an essential piece of equipment. Not only can it be used to pick up leaves and other debris around the garden, it can also be used to blow grass clippings and leaves off paths and patios.

The powerful suction means even wet leaves can be collected without clogging, making the winter clean-up in the garden much easier. Leaves are also shredded as they enter the collection bag which reduces the number of times you need to empty the bag, and when added to a compost bin the leaves will rot down faster.

The Pac a Shredder is also very useful for disposing of tree and shrub prunings and old flower stalks from around the garden. Branches with a diameter of up to 40mm can be passed through the powerful, quiet shredder, before being collected in the large storage bin. When finished, the shredder simply packs away into the collection bin for neat and tidy storage.

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