Leaves and Shreddings

The majority of garden waste can easily be turned into garden compost made in a compost bin or heap. Making your own compost saves you having to dispose of the waste by other means and is kinder to the environment. Garden compost is an excellent soil conditioner and when added to the garden it will greatly improve the structure of your soil.

Leaves collected in a garden vac are ideal for mixing into a compost heap or bin. Soft plant chippings from a garden shredder can also be added to the compost bin.

Grass clippings can also be composted, but for best results grass should always be mixed with other garden waste such as leaves, soft prunings and vegetable waste. There are also several compost accelerators available that can be added to the green waste to help speed up the decomposition.

Woody chippings can be composted on their own for several months and then used to make natural paths in the garden or as a weed suppressing mulch.

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