Gardening Tips March

This is the month when grass cutting really starts and before making the first cut you should check over your lawn mower. . .

On electric mowers check cables are not damaged and replace worn blades with genuine parts. Petrol mowers will need oil, air-filter, spark-plug and blade checking and fresh petrol should be used.

Before giving the lawn its first cut of the season, check that there are no obstacles on the lawn, such as twigs and stones as these may cause damage to the mower.

Choose a fine, dry day and mow the lawn on a high setting to simply top the grass. If the grass has grown over the winter and is laying flat to the ground in places, it is worth brushing the lawn with a stiff brush or wire rake first. This only takes a few minutes and it helps by lifting the grass which makes the first cut of the season much easier.

Always avoid cutting the grass too short as this not only looks unsightly, it can also damage the grass. Grass cutting is much easier and the lawn will look better if you mow little and often through the season.

After a wet winter most lawns will have some moss in them and if you want to keep your lawn looking good through the summer the moss should be removed. A moss free lawn is also easier to mow. The Lawnrake Compact 340 with its 6 cuttings heights will quickly rake out moss and thatch (a build up of plant debris) from the lawn. Ideally the moss should be killed before you rake it out and this can be done very easily by applying a granular moss killer, which is sprinkled evenly over the lawn. In just a matter of days the moss will start to discolour and after two weeks the dead moss can be raked out. If you are unable to kill the moss first, lawn raking on its own is still beneficial to the lawn.

Early spring is when many summer flowering shrubs such as the Butterfly Bush (buddleja) and lavatera, or dogwoods grown for their colourful stems, are pruned by simply cutting back all last year’s stems. These woody branches are perfect for shredding with the Pac a Shredder and the chippings can be used as mulch around the garden.

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