Gardening Tips July

July can be one of the driest and hottest months of the year and in drought conditions lawns can suffer and turn brown.

July can be one of the driest and hottest months of the year and in drought conditions lawns can suffer and turn brown. Fortunately the wet weather that many areas of the country experienced in June has kept lawns green and growing and the higher than normal levels of soil moisture will help all plants including lawns should we get hot, dry weather from now on.

As the growth of lawns starts to slow down, it is a good idea to raise the height of cut slightly on your mower. Cutting the grass just 1cm (1/2 inch) longer really does help keep it looking green for longer in dry weather. Mowing this way is very fast and easy and even though the grass may not be growing much, trimming every couple of weeks removes seed-heads and weeds which carry on growing in the driest of weather!

Mid-summer is the traditional time to start hedge cutting as the main flush of growth is now starting to slow down. As this season’s growth starts to ripen and turn woody at the base it is much easier to trim than when it is very young and soft. The majority of birds have also finished breeding now, but as a precaution it is worth checking your hedge for any late nesting birds. The range of Flymo hedge trimmers make cutting very easy and there is one for every type of hedge – large or small. When trimming your hedge, to make clearing up the clippings easier, lay an old sheet or something similar on the ground below the hedge to catch the clippings as they fall.

Roses are still one the most popular summer flowering plants and just a few mixed in with perennials and shrubs makes a very attractive border. To keep roses flowering all summer long it is important to remove the dead flowers. Simply snap off by hand or cut off with secateurs the faded blooms to tidy the plant up. This also encourages the plant to produce many more flower buds for later in the summer.

Shrubs, trees and hedges all make lots of long growth at this time of the year and in smaller gardens you may need to trim these plants back to keep them tidy and prevent them from getting too large. Soft trimmings can be added to a compost bin where they will rot down, but thicker, woody branches are best shredded first. The Pac a Shredder is perfect for this and will chip stems up to 40mm in diameter.

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