Flymo’s Complete Cordless Range 2016

Maintaining a lush garden can be a challenge when you’re battling against time, weather, space and cable lengths. This is why the experts at Flymo’s have created an entire cordless range to combat these problems, making it as easy and simple to maintain the perfect garden - all year round. 

Want to spend your free time enjoying your garden and not mowing it? - The Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R will free up time without compromising on a well-kept lawn.

The Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R is the latest innovative garden solution for homeowners. This nifty product works day or night, rain or shine, giving your lawn a pristine finish without disturbing the neighbours or emitting any fumes.
The Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R has been designed to save time and make life easier. Once the boundaries of a lawn are set with a perimeter wire system, the 1200 R can be left to wander off on its own, continuously munching away at the grass and recharging itself when needed. 

Looking for the perfect hedge trimmer? – Look no further than the Flymo cordless range.

Flymo’s extensive range of hedge trimmers are light, easy and safe to use, helping with the challenges of keeping hedges looking neat and tidy. 

When cutting your hedge 80% of the work is on the vertical axis. Flymo has developed the EasiCut range, which has a unique wrap around handle designed to allow the gardener to choose the most comfortable hand position.
New for 2015 is the SabreCut XT Cordless 18V, a powerful and easy to use telescopic cordless hedge trimmer. Extendable for greater cutting reach, the SabreCut XT Cordless 18V includes a cutting head that tilts enabling you to reach hedge tops up to a range of three metres, whilst standing safely on the ground. With an 18V removable battery and 42cm twin action blade the SabreCut XT Cordless 18V is a perfect blend of power and lightweight operation, making hedge cutting safer and easier in 2016. 

Looking for the neatest edges? – The Flymo Contour Cordless range offers uncompromising performance.
The Flymo Contour Cordless trimmer range is designed to simplify edging the lawn. The introduction of a unique wheel enables the gardener to walk behind the trimmer, making it easier to achieve a neat lawn edge. A huge benefit of these machines is their interchangeable batteries, making them compatible with other Flymo cordless products of the same voltage. This means your Contour Cordless XT 18v battery is compatible with your SabreCut XT Cordless 18v product.
In 2014 Flymo released the newly designed Contour Cordless 24V. Now garden lovers can edge the equivalent of two football pitches on a single charge. The Contour Cordless 24V is light and easy to use, weighing only 3.2kg, has a cutting diameter of 25cm and one steady handle for easy holding, plus an additional fully adjustable one for comfortable use.
The Contour Cordless 24V can be changed from edge to trim mode at the push of a button. This trimmer also has a plant guard which can simply be flipped into place, preventing accidental damage to flowers and trees. It can also be put into ‘shrub’ mode. This enables the gardener to trim hard to reach areas such as under bushes, garden furniture and trampolines. 

To view all of the products in Flymo’s cordless range visit: http://bit.ly/1EWgZYK

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