Flymo Product Range 2016

Since the invention of the ‘Flymo’ hover-mower by Karl Dahlman in the 1960’s – Flymo has worked continuously to improve and perfect its hover lawnmowers whilst expanding its range to all garden essentials. Striving for the best, Flymo has developed and advanced a wide range of outdoor equipment to ensure that your gardening problems are answered and performance is exceptional every time. 

Robotic Lawnmowers -1200R

The Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R allows you to spend your time doing other things. Automatically cutting the lawn, the 1200 R is designed for easy installation and mows independently, returning to its charging station when in need of power. Daily mowing and mulching of the grass, means there is no need to dispose of clippings. With a working area of 400m2, lawns can look great without a gardener.

Hover Lawnmowers

Flymo produced the first hover mover in the 1960’s and has continued to lead the way in hover lawnmower production. The UltraGlide is the single most advanced hover mower from Flymo. Its launch in 2014 raised the bar for hover mowing and the UltraGlide became a hero product for garden lovers. 

Featuring an advanced new DuoTech system designed to create the ultimate vacuum collection the UltraGlide lifts and straightens grass before neatly cutting and propelling it off the tip of the blade, up the chute and into the large 30 litre grass box.

The 2016 Flymo hover range includes:
UltraGlide, HoverVac 280, Easi Glide 300, Easi Glide 300V, Easi Glide 330VX, Glider 330 and Glider 350 

Wheeled Rotary Mowers

For those who prefer wheeled operation, Flymo has a number of electric rotary mowers that are packed with classic features. The Chevron 34C includes a rear roller for stripes and easy cutting over edges, whilst one simple lever allows the user to change the cutting height of the machine. The Chevron’s edging comb allows close cutting up to walls and fences and an easy to remove grass box means no hassle when emptying.

The 2016 wheeled rotary mower range includes:
RE320, Speedi Mo, Visimo, Easimo, Rollermo, Venturer 32, Chevron 32V, Chevron 34C, Chevron 34VC, Chevron 37C, Chevron 37VC 

Grass Trimmers

The Flymo range of powerful, lightweight grass trimmers are designed to make quick and easy work of trimming and edging your lawn. With a host of features across both a corded and cordless range there is a trimmer for every gardener’s need. The Contour Cordless 24V includes a shrubbing mode allowing awkward areas like under benches to be tackled and a plant guard to preserve the line and protect plants and shrubs. All cordless models come with high performance batteries, which are compatible with Flymo cordless hedge trimmers of the same voltage.

The 2016 grass trimmer range includes:
Mini Trim, Mini Trim ST, Power Trim, Power Trim 500 XT, Power Trim 600 HD, Contour XT, Contour 500E, Contour Cordless XT, Contour Cordless 24V 

Hedge Trimmers

Easy and comfortable trimming of hedges and bushes is achievable with the EasiCut and SabreCut corded and cordless hedge trimmers. Designed to tackle the most difficult hedges - big or small, the EasiCut and SabreCut products were created for comfortable handling and safe operation. The SabreCut Cordless XT includes an extended reach handle alongside an 18v high performance battery whilst the EasiCut machines are all manufactured with uniquely designed handles allowing multiple hand positions for comfort when cutting.

The 2016 hedge trimmer range includes:
EasiCut 450, EasiCut 510, EasiCut 600XT, EasiCut Cordless 420, EasiCut Cordless 500,
SabreCut XT Cordless 18V 

Garden Vacuums

When the garden is in need of a clear up Flymo’s powerful garden vacuums are the quick and easy way to clear leaves and debris. As the cutting season ends and Autumn rolls around the GardenVac 2700, Scirocco 3000 and PowerVac 3000 give users the ability to maintain a stunning garden and a safe driveway. The GardenVac 2700 even boasts a jet vacuum for picking up wet leaves.

The 2016 garden vacuum range includes:
GardenVac 2700, Scirocco 3000, PowerVac 3000 

Lawn Rakes

The Lawnrake Compact 3400 is a powerful electric product with a unique compacting collection. Designed to remove and compress the collected moss and thatch leaving a healthier lawn and meaning less emptying of the collection box! It uses a powerful cylinder rake to remove unwanted thatch and moss from the lawn and contains a Vision window allowing the user to see the machine collecting.

For more details on any products from the 2016 Flymo product range visit: http://bit.ly/1EWgZYK

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