Find the best lawnmower for your lawn with Flymo. We have a large range of electric lawnmowers, suitable for most domestic lawns, making it easy to find the best type of lawnmower for your needs.

Hover Mowers

If your lawn is uneven or irregular, a hover mower could be the best lawnmower choice for your garden. Hover mowers are lightweight, they float on a cushion of air and are easy to move in any direction. This innovative design results in moving the lawnmower backwards and forwards less often, in comparison to a wheeled rotary lawnmower.

Flymo hover mowers

Rotary Mowers

Traditional, English striped lawns never go out of style and getting one is easy. All you need is a wheeled lawnmower with a rear roller. As the lawnmower cuts the lawn, the rear roller flattens the grass blades causing the light to reflect differently, creating a striped effect.

Flymo rotary lawnmower

Robot Mowers

If you’re the type of person that likes less work and more play, a robot lawnmower is the best one for you. Robotic mowers are almost silent and can cut the grass throughout the night without disturbance! They can handle almost any lawn and cut lawns up to 1 acre in size, day or night, rain or shine.

Flymo robot lawnmower 1200 R

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