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Lawn Care Advice

Hints and tips on how to get a beautiful green lawn this summer. From tackling common lawn diseases to how to cut the grass properly, Flymo is here to help with easy, practical advice on taking care of your lawn.


The ins and outs of aerating your lawn

Aerating your lawn is essential if you want to have a healthy, green lawn all year round. It’s quick and easy to do, and will make sure your other lawn maintenance activities are worth all the hard work and effort.

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Pac a Shredder

Lawn Care Calendar

Getting a great looking lawn all year round requires only a little knowledge and a small amount of hard work.
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Basic Lawn Maintenance

Too many people think looking after their lawn is a chore, and isn’t considered very important. Gardening trends come and go, but the lawn is definitely here to stay.
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Man dethatching his lawn with a flymo lawnrake

When to dethatch your lawn

Thatch is an essential part of a healthy lawn. Too much however can prevent sunlight and rain water from reaching new blades of grass, preventing them from growing healthy and green.

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Image of Leaf Spot

How to avoid lawn disease and cure your lawn problems

Lawn disease is the last thing you want this summer. It’s something that affects a number of gardens in the UK and can be confusing, as it’s often difficult to identify the cause.

It’s good to keep in mind that lawn diseases are most commonly fungus and can be treated easily. An early diagnosis is important to ensure that the disease does not spread and damage the rest of the lawn. There are 3 common types of lawn disease in the UK; Red Thread, Fusarium and Leaf Spot. (Image of Leaf Spot shown below © RHS)

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Watering the lawn with a sprinkler

How to water your lawn

Too much or too little water will harm your grass and prevent you obtaining the lush green lawn you want to achieve. If your lawn is turning brown or it has lost its spring then it is likely you need to water your lawn.
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Waterlogged lawn, people in wellies

Dealing with waterlogged lawns

Heavy rain and poor lawn maintenance often leads to your lawn becoming waterlogged. This is often described as when the lawn becomes squelchy and boggy underfoot, and when water collects in pools on your lawn. Waterlogging can lead to your grass wilting, turning yellow and over prolonged periods, dying.
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What to do with a frost covered lawn?

Wherever you live, at some point in the year the temperature will drop and your lawn will freeze. When this happens you should avoid walking on your lawn as much as possible. Walking on a frozen lawn can cause the blades of grass to swell and potentially rupture.

As the grass blades burst, it damages the cell structure causing the grass to turn grey/black in colour. When the grass is frozen you should also try and avoid mowing the lawn.

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Watering the lawn with sprinklers

Looking after lawns in the shade

Nowadays most lawns have areas of grass that are in the shade. This is created by trees and bushes or homes and buildings. This isn’t good news for the typical type of grass found in UK. You need to look after the grass found in the shade slightly differently to those in less shaded areas for the garden.

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