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What to Consider When Choosing a Battery Lawnmower

Selecting the right lawnmower for your garden can be tough decision. With so many options and models on the market today it can be a little overwhelming. The best place to start is to understand your lawn care requirements and if whether you should opt for a; petrol, electric or battery mower. Of course, each fuel type has its pros and cons which come down the requirements of the garden.

If you’re leaning towards a battery lawnmower, here’s what you need to know…

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the best lawnmowers for small gardens

Buying a lawnmower for the first time? Here's what you need to know...

Whether you’re a new home owner looking to invest in a lawnmower for your first garden, or simply wishing to upgrade a hand-me-down from a family member, buying a mower can be a tricky task – electric or battery powered? Rotary or hover? Collection box or mulching?

Fear not, this handy guide will provide enough information to transform even the most novice of gardeners in to a lawnmower expert in no time, meaning making that all-important purchase will be a breeze!

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The benefit of environmentally friendly products

When is it time to replace your lawnmower?

Replacing your lawnmower is never an easy decision. Often you would have had your current lawnmower for many years and it has been a reliable accomplice in your quests for neatly cut lines across your lawn. If, however, your mower suddenly stops working the decision whether to repair it or replace it altogether isn’t very clear-cut (pun intended).

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5 tips for maintaining a nice garden while you're on holiday

The summer holidays… I think we all agree is one of the most exciting events of the year, with the promise of sun, sea and sand, most of us can’t wait to wave goodbye to the grey skies of Britain and escape to a sunnier climate.
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the best lawnmowers for small gardens

How to buy a cheap lawnmower, that's perfect for your needs

Summer is quickly approaching, and can bring common challenges for the gardener is us! Such as dividing the time and effort between keeping our gardens in good shape, and enjoying them in the sunshine.

Knowing which lawnmower to buy, and which suits your garden, can most definitely be a challenge - but to help find the best mower for your needs at a more cost effective price, try our following points.

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Easimo and mini trim homeowners essential

Easimo Rotary Mower and Mini Trim Pack - A first time homeowners essential product.

The Flymo Easimo 900W and Mini Trim Pack is powerful, affordable combination of products and an essential addition to your new home.

After years of saving, you have finally taken the big step and moved into your first home, your first big time responsibility begins now! Maintaining the cleanliness of your house can become a chore, and with the weather finally warming up, the sun staying out longer, your new house and lawn is the place to get to know your surroundings and an opportunity to have your friends and family over.

For new homeowners, the last thing you want, is the stress of spending endless amounts of money on new lawn equipment, whilst also having to purchase expensive furniture and ornaments to match the new décor.

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Hover Mower

How does a hover mower work, and what is different with the Flymo UltraGlide?

Flymo have just launched its new electric hover mower – the UltraGlide. Its new Duo Tech system makes it the most advanced hover mower ever made, but what is it and what makes it so special?
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Watering the lawn with a sprinkler

Five common gardening myths

Bats are blind. Apple seeds grow in your stomach. Goldfish have a three second memory. What do these three things have in common?

They’re all commonly believed myths.

And whilst everyone enjoys the occasional old wives’ tale that has been passed down through the generations, did you know that the gardening world in particular is full of myths that could actually be compromising the welfare of your garden? That’s why we’ve gone undercover to dig up and dispel five of the most common misconceptions about gardening. Check them out:

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Robotic lawnmower in the docking station

Great Christmas gift ideas for gardening enthusiasts

This is a difficult decision at the best of times, but buying a great Christmas gift for a keen gardener can be even harder, especially if you don’t know much about gardening yourself.
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