Petrol lawn mowers FAQ

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Why will my hover mower not start?

Check that the mower been primed. (refer to instructions that came with your mower, or download them from this website) Ensure that the spark plug is connected. For a four stroke fuelled engine, ensure that there is petrol in the tank and check the oil level. If it is a two stroke engine, check that there is sufficient two star/oil mix. Also, if you have turned the mower over you may have flooded the engine.

Does the pull cord on my Hover Mower only pull out approximately 6 inches?

The engine has a brake fitted, which prevents the engine rotating. To release the engine brake the Operator presence Control (OPC) Lever needs to be engaged, this will allow the pull chord to be pulled out fully.

Why is there not a throttle lever on my mower?

The manufacturing regulations require the hover mower to meet specific noise and exhaust emission limit. To adhere to these guidelines, a fixed speed carburettor is now fitted to most of our products.

Due to manufacturing regulations, the introduction of the Operator Presence Control (OPC Lever) which cuts the ignition and engages a brake on the engine when it is released, make the use of a throttle obsolete.

My hover mower takes leaded petrol, which is hard to get. Can I just start using unleaded or LRP?

When changing from leaded to unleaded petrol we strongly recommend that the engine is de-carbonised. If this procedure is not carried out and unleaded petrol is used, carbon deposits can come loose in the piston and cylinder area and cause damage. If in doubt, speak to a local service agent.

How do I empty oil from my hover mower?

The oil can be drained on certain two stroke and most four stroke engines by removing the sump plug under the engine. Please refer to the engine manual for full instructions.

How much oil and petrol should I use on my 2 stroke Hover Mower?

The oil/petrol ratios differ from mower to mower. Always refer to the engine manual. If you have a 2-stroke engine our fuel mixing bottle, measures the exact amounts needed, but it is important to remember to only mix enough fuel needed per cut.

Unleaded petrol can degrade over time and the oil can go stale and separate from the petrol putting your engine at risk of seizing.

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