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How long do I need to charge the battery on the Sabre?

The power pack should be charged for 24 hours before use. Recharge your power pack immediately after every use for the full 24 hour charging period.

The power pack can be left connected to the charger permanently, with the charger switched on, without fear of overheating. (Trickle charge).

How long does the Sabre run for once the battery is fully charged?

45 minutes – 1 hour depending on usage.

On the Sabre is the red light meant to stay on after the battery is fully charged?

The indicator lamp glows continuously both when the battery is charging and when it has finished charging. The colour does not change when charging is complete.

Why is the zip on the Sabre charger carry case on the inside?

The zip is inverted to prevent the battery from accidentally from falling out of the case. There are no user serviceable items in the power pack therefore access in not necessary.

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