Hover lawn mowers FAQ

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Why does my Hover mower not hover?

When starting the Hover Mower, it should be tilted slightly to allow the air to circulate under the deck, giving it lift. Not doing this could make the machine feel heavy during use.

If your lawn feels 'spongy' underfoot, this is as a result of a build-up of thatch and moss. This causes the machine to be sucked down onto the lawn and prevents it from hovering. This can be remedied by scarifying the lawn (See Flymo Lawnrake).

Also, if there is a build-up of grass cuttings underneath the hood, or in-between the fins on the impeller, then this will prevent the mower from hovering. This can be resolved by general care and maintenance.

My mower takes plastic blades. Can I change it to a metal blade?

As from January 1st 1995, any manufacturer of products with any form of metal cutters must be able to stop the blade within 3 seconds. This is mandatory. If the product is built and designed to take plastic cutters, it will not be fitted with a brake on the motor, therefore it is illegal to fit a metal blade.

Why can't I turn the blade on my lawnmower manually?

When the mower is switched off and the blade is turned manually by hand, you will feel some resistance. The blade will not turn freely as there is a safety brake fitted. The brake is released on starting the mower.

Is there a way I can adjust the angle of the handles on my lawnmower?

On some of our products the handles can be moved to a certain extent, but this is governed by legislation, as we have to have a given distance between the operator and the cutter blade on the mower.

Why doesn’t mower collect all of the grass ?

Your lawnmower is designed to vacuum clippings from the lawn through the aperture in the base of the grass box. A percentage of the finer clippings are recycled and fed back into the lawn. With a hover collect mower, you must walk in a straight line for optimum collection. Please note, due to the cushion of air, a small amount of clippings may be blown away from the mower.

Can I sharpen the metal blade on the mower?

Blades can be sharpened by your local service agent. Alternatively new blades can be purchased via the webshop or local retailers.

How can I adjust the height of cut?

This depends on which mower you are using, so please consult your instructions.

Why do my plastic blades frequently snap?

The plastic mower blades are designed to cut grass and will be damaged by stones or sticks. Please make sure that your lawn is kept free from these objects.

Why does my mower not cut low enough?

Not all products have the same cutting height. The model of mower determines the height of cut.

Why does my Microlite not take any spacers?

The Microlite has two cutting heights. To change the cutting height you need to reverse the cutting disc – please consult your user manual.

Why is my mower not collecting grass?

Ensure that the chute is not clogged with grass. Is the grass box full? If it is a hover mower, the collection will work most efficiently when you mow up and down in a straight line. The exception to this is the Flymo UltraGlide with its new DuoTech system that allows it to be used in any direction.

Why is my mower blowing grass onto the borders?

The hover mower collects the majority of grass clippings. However some of the finer clippings do fall through the grass basket and back onto the lawn. Should those fine grass clippings be caught in the cushion of air, and that cushion be broken (over a pond or pavement) the clippings will spray out.

Why does my mower keep cutting out?

There could be a fault with the cable or switchbox. Make sure the correct type of extension cable used (some extension cable reels have built in overload cut-outs and are rated too low for most lawn mowers.)

Why is my mower vibrating excessively?

The blade may be out of balance, or the blade bolt could be damaged, if so then it needs to be replaced. Check to see if the impeller (fan) is worn or damaged and if the lugs on the spacers have sheared, if so then these too need replacing. Make sure that the grass box is emptied regularly and the mower is cleaned thoroughly. For further assistance, please refer to a local authorised service agent.

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