Hedge trimmer FAQ

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Why does the blade keep stopping when I try to trim my hedge?

The twigs and branches may be too thick. Check that both levers are gripped firmly (if it has a double lever handle). The machine is a trimmer, not a cutter. Do not use it to cut thick branches.

I've accidentally cut through the Hedge Trimmer’s mains cable, can I buy a cable and repair it myself?

We would not recommend that you repair it yourself, as it needs to be wired inside the trimmer. If done incorrectly, it could result in damage to the trimmer and as this is not covered under the warranty. Take it to a reputable repair agent.

How much oil and petrol should I use in my 2 stroke hedge trimmer?

The oil/petrol ratios differ from machine to machine. Always refer to the engine manual. If you have a 2-stroke engine our fuel mixing bottle, measures the exact amounts needed, but it is important to remember to only mix enough fuel needed per cut.

Unleaded petrol can degrade over time and the oil can go stale and separate from the petrol putting your engine at risk of seizing.

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