Summer lawn care

Everyone loves the warmer weather, lying out in the garden, entertaining family and friends and making sure your garden is ready for the BBQ season is all part of the summer fun!

However, getting your lawn as luscious as the party spread can often be stressful which is why we’ve put together our top tips on how to help your lawn this summer:

Cutting the lawn - how high and how often?

During the summer months you should look to cut your lawn roughly around once a week, depending on the weather. It is important to keep the height of the grass short (about 1 inch) but be cautious as if conditions are too warm cutting grass short will allow the water to evaporate from the soil resulting in damaging the lawn. Common sense and good judgement comes in to play. During summer time you should have your lawnmower set to its lowest cutting height for a neat and tidy lawn. 

Don’t over fertilise - let the grass clippings nourish your lawn

If your lawn is looking straggly, resist the urge to over fertilise. Leaving your grass clippings on the lawn can replenish nutrients to your grass. In fact, Flymo’s innovative Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R cuts the grass and discharges fine clippings back onto the lawn to act as a fertiliser - so next time you’re about to clear your finer clippings, stop and think about the benefit they could have. 

Watering - how much and how often?

With the warmer weather comes the risk of your grass becoming dehydrated. It is important to water at times when the moisture is likely to soak into the grass rather than evaporate, so early in the morning or late in the evening are often the best times. Light sprinklings can damage your lawn as it causes the roots to grow shallow and they then become prone to drying out. It is much better to give your grass a good soak twice a week instead. 

Lawn weeds

If weeds and moss become a problem for your lawn then a quick application of a lawn friendly weed killer in spring and summer - when the grass and weeds are growing most vigorously - is fine, as long as you don’t overdo it. Feeding, aerating and scarifying will also combat weeds however this should be done at the start and the end of summer when grass growing conditions are optimal.

We hope these tips will help your lawn stay lovely and healthy over the coming summer months.

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