Playing in the garden: Preparing your garden for children this summer

Summer time means only one thing, it’s time to get outdoors! 

For children, summer is by far the best time of year – when else can you spend hours on end in the wonderful outdoors? However, as we all know, as children become more active, the need for somewhere to play gets bigger! 

The garden can be an amazing place for your little ones to burn off excessive energy and keep healthy -however, it can sometimes be tricky maintaining a pristine garden that is a completely hazard free environment. 

That’s why we’ve put a few quick and simple tips together, ensuring you can keep your lush green lawn whilst making sure it’s the best place for your child to play;

1. Tidy your lawn to keep it safe:
Everyone knows that safety comes first. A few cuts and bruises are often unavoidable amongst children. However, it’s crucial that tools, rakes, stones and other debris are removed from the garden, to avoid any unwanted nasty accidents. Before you let your young ones run wild make sure to head out yourself and check that nothing hazardous is on your lawn.

2. Create space by trimming hedges:
You’ll be surprised how much of your garden can be taken over by overgrown hedges. By trimming your hedges regularly this summer you’ll create a bigger area for the kids to practice their long jump. Just watch out for any nesting birds! 

3. Move the trampoline/goal posts regularly to avoid yellow grass
Yellow grass tends to sneak up on you when objects remain on the lawn for long periods of time. To avoid this, make sure you move outdoor equipment such as trampolines and goal posts, regularly. If you find yellow patches have occurred, it’s best to aerate your lawn. This can be done using an aerator or by plunging a garden fork into the ground in regular intervals. For other causes of yellow grass, you can check out our yellow grass blog post. 

4. Cover ponds and child proof water features
Some water features or garden ornaments can have sharp edges, and open waters such as ponds can be hazardous to children when playing in the garden. Before they’re allowed to run wild you should assess the dangers of your garden. Use a pond cover, especially if young children are in the garden - and make sure to move any sharp or potentially dangerous ornaments to a safe place to ensure they do not hurt themselves.

5. Use friendly pesticides/weed killers for children and pets
Everyone wants a lush green lawn and applying chemicals such as fertiliser and herbicides may help your garden look amazing, but they can also be very harmful to children. As a rule of thumb, anything left on the lawn should be removed. Both pets and children should stay out of the garden until the treated area is dry. It’s good to remember that you should never apply fertiliser when the grass is wet or rain is expected.

6. Invest in a robotic gardener
For those who want the perfect surface without having to spend any time on it the Flymo’s Robotic Lawnmower 1200R does the mowing for you. The 1200R is capable of working throughout the night meaning kids can play in the garden throughout the day! It’s a huge time saver and allows you to focus on the important things like spending time with family…or relaxing with a large drink!

7. Mow stripes into the lawn
And most importantly have a little fun with your garden. Why not make it look like a Premier League football pitch by using a lawnmower with a rear roller such as the Flymo Chevron 34C. It’s the quickest and easiest way to achieve a traditional striped lawn to ensure you’re the envy of all the neighbours. You will have children flocking to your garden for their very own championship shoot out!

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