Find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day

Spring is fast approaching, bringing with it not only the dubious promise of warmer weather, but also the question of what gift to give to your mother this Mother’s Day. Flymo can provide the answer offering a large range of innovative, easy to use products that allow mum to become a gardening ace, whilst still being able to relax, following March 15th.

If you fancy giving your mum some much deserved resting time, the Flymo Robotic Lawnmower is the perfect gift. Working unassisted, she could be leisurely shopping, or simply inside with her feet up, reading a magazine. Once the boundaries of a lawn are set, the 1200 R can be left to wander off on its own, continuously munching away at the grass and recharging itself when needed, meaning it doesn’t require any attention. 

For a more ‘hands on’ approach to gardening, how about The SabreCut XT Cordless 18V? Brand new for 2015, this unique device blends ultimate cutting power with astute, lightweight operation, making hedge cutting safer and simpler than ever before. 

The XT’s telescopically adjustable handle allows gardeners to reach up to 3 meters without the trouble of dragging a ladder from the garage. Owners of the SabreCut XT Cordless 18V can trim whilst standing safely on the ground. Not only does the hedge trimmer excel in tackling difficult, high areas but also tackling low lying bushes is no problem, keeping the garden tidy from top to bottom. Equipped with a powerful 18V high performance battery and a 42cm blade, Mum can whip the garden into shape and still have time for a relaxing afternoon.

Similarly the Flymo Contour Cordless 24V grass trimmer is designed to simplify edging the lawn, making gardening quicker than ever before, so your Mum can still enjoy a day off. The introduction of a unique wheel enables the gardener to walk behind the trimmer, making it easier to achieve a neat lawn edge. The Contour Cordless 24V is light and easy to use, has a cutting diameter of 25cm, one steady handle for easy holding, plus an additional fully adjustable one for comfortable use.

Flymo has everything you could need to ensure your Mum is happy this Mother’s day.

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