Tools to help collect leaves in the garden

A few leaves around the garden won’t cause any problems, but some people prefer to collect and dispose of them. From late September to mid-November, the leaves fall from the trees in the UK. While a few leaves around the garden won’t cause any problems, some people prefer to collect and dispose of them. Here are a few tools available on the market today to collect leaves.

Garden Vac

Leaf Grabber

The simplest tool to collect leaves with is a leaf grabber. These are ideal if you have a small amount of leaves to collect. They work like litter pickers and can be found in good garden centres.

Garden Rakes

Are the cheapest way to collect fallen leaves. They are readily available to buy in most retailers and DIY stores. Garden rakes are ideal if you have only a few leaves to collect, but because of the manual nature in using a lawn rake - when collecting many leaves it can become quite tiring. The best way to collect leaves using a rake is to move them into a single pile and then manually place them in a bin or onto the compost heap.

Leaf Blowers

The biggest advantage a leaf blower has over a fan rake, is its speed. They allow you to collect a large number of leaves quickly. The best way to use a leaf blower is to blow the leaves downwind and onto a sheet. Once full, collect the corners of the sheet into the middle and drag the leaves to an area of the garden or to the bin to dispose of. Leaf blowers are generally quite cheap, but for a similar amount you can buy a garden vacuum which will collect the leaves too.

Garden Vacuums

Are great when you need to collect a large number of leaves from the lawn and surrounding property where you couldn’t use your lawnmower. Garden vacuums can vary in size and price, however it is important to get one that is lightweight and easy to use, as the weight will increase the more leaves you collect.

The best garden vacuums will shred the leaves as they are collected, again making them ideal for the compost heap. The downside is that some garden vacs struggle to collect wet leaves. For this you will need a garden vacuum like the Flymo GardenVac 2700 which has a jet vac mode which provides an extra boost of suction to lift and collect wet leaves.

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Electric Lawnrakes

The biggest benefit of using an electric lawn rake is that they remove the need to bend over and pick up leaves. Lawnrakes or lawnrakers as they are sometimes known typically have two functions. One is to collect leaves, and two is to help scarify the lawn, removing moss and thatch.

Lawnrakers like the Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 allow you to change the collection height. By placing it on the highest height it will throw the leaves into its easy to empty collection box. The benefit of the electric lawn rake is that you do not have to carry it around the garden unlike a leaf blower or garden vacuum.

Scirocco 3000
Air speed 55 m/s
Mulch ratio 10:1
Weight 6 kg
GardenVac 2700
Garden Vac 2500
Air speed 59 m/s
Mulch ratio 3:1
Weight 5.1 kg
PowerVac 3000
PowerVac 3000
Air speed 86.11 m/s
Mulch ratio 16:1
Weight 5.2 kg