Line Trimmers FAQ

In this section we will help you get an answer to your questions regarding Flymo Line Trimmers. Can't find your question? Contact us!

How does the feed mechanism work on my trimmer?

Most Flymo branded electric trimmers have auto feed. This does not mean it feeds automatically at full speed; it works on centrifugal force on start and stopping. When starting, the spool is allowed to rotate, allowing about 10mm of line to be fed out. The line in turn is cut to its operating length by the line limiter (the cutter in the safety guard).

Why does the line on my electric trimmer keep snapping?

Ensure that genuine Flymo trimmer line is being used.

Frequent line breakage is usually the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, i.e. walls, paving edges, etc. The cutting line must be allowed to rotate freely and the correct diameter line should be used.

How do you change the trimmer to an edger?

To put the trimmer into edging mode, press the locking button and the head can then be swivelled to edge mode.

Please note that not all trimmers have this feature. Dependant on the model the instruction will vary. Please see the user manual for this instruction.

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