Miscellaneous FAQ

In this section we will help you get an answer to your questions regarding Flymo products. Can't find your question? Contact us!

What do you recommend I clean my Flymo machine with?

Your product can be cleaned using a cloth and a hand brush. Remember some cleaning fluids may have solvents added; these can affect the plastics we use in our products.

What is the noise level of my Flymo machine?

The noise level can be found in the instruction book, usually at the back of the book in the conformity section.

Where can I buy Flymo spare parts?

Spare parts are available from most service dealers.

Where is my nearest service/repair centre?

Find your closest service dealer using our dealer locator.

Can I send my Flymo product to you for repair/servicing?

We do not have a repair facility on site. You should take your machine to your local authorised service agent.

My Flymo machine has failed. Can someone come to my home to look at it?

Please call customer service on 09 920 2410 to locate your nearest local authorised service agent or use our retailer locator on this website.

Why is it my responsibility to take it to the service agent?

Most Flymo products are classed as easily transportable; i.e. they will fit in the boot of a car.

Can I send broken or faulty parts to you for inspection?

This is not a service we offer. In the first instance you should take your machine to your local repair agent. If you are not happy with their diagnosis of the fault, under exceptional circumstances Flymo can arrange for the parts to be inspected by our technical team.

If my Flymo machine fails, can I take it back to my supplier?

If the machine fails within the warranty period, we would ask you to firstly contact the store you bought it from.

What happens if the service centre repairs my Flymo machine and it fails again?

All replacement parts fitted free of charge under the terms and conditions of the guarantee of the machine, will be covered for the remainder of the original guarantee.

Where can I purchase Flymo Products?

Flymo products are available at most hardware / home improvement stores -– Bunnings, Masters, Mitre 10 etc. Some independent garden centres may also supply our machines.

Will spare's for my Flymo product be available in 5 years’ time?

Generally, spare parts are available for up to 10 years after final production of the machine. However, there may be some exceptions to this rule. Some parts are available longer depending on stock movement.

I do not have any proof of purchase; can you advise how old my machine is?

The serial number identifies the exact age of the machine. The serial number is located on the rating label on the machine. This is not, however the date you purchased it.

What machine would you recommend I use?

Please refer to the products section on Flymo.com.au. If you are unable to determine the right Flymo product for you on our website, contact your local retail store for advice.

What are the safety features on Flymo Products?

Electric Lawn Mowers have lock-off buttons, which means the mower needs a double operation to start; also steel blade machines have a brake fitted, which stops the blade within 3 seconds.

Line Trimmers have lock off buttons or the switch lever has a guard to stop accidental starting.

Blower-Vacs cannot be activated unless the bag is attached.

I need to know the dimensions and specifications for my machine, height, weight, power, noise level etc?

Most dimensions and specifications can be found in the appropriate user manual Alternatively, visit the brand website relevant to your product and look up the product listing.

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