Multi tool products

Multi tool products

Weight Packaging size, LxWxH Packaging, gross weight
SabreCut (full unit) SabreCut (full unit)

Powerful & easy to use with battery pack for cordless freedom

7 kg / 15.43 lbs 815x160x170 mm / 32.09x6.3x6.69 inch 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
SabreCut (attachment) SabreCut (attachment)

Sabre Cut - hedgetrimmer attachment with double action blades for a neat finish.

1.7 kg / 3.75 lbs 750x150x75 mm / 29.53x5.91x2.95 inch 0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs


Weight Packaging size, LxWxH
SabreBlow (attachment) SabreBlow (attachment)

Interchangeable garden blower attachment for use with the Sabre Cordless System

1.2 kg / 2.65 lbs 346x245x194 mm / 13.62x9.65x7.64 inch
SabreSaw (attachment) SabreSaw (attachment)

Interchangeable garden pruner attachment for use with the Sabre Cordless system

1.9 kg / 4.19 lbs 688x160x160 mm / 27.09x6.3x6.3 inch
Sabre Trim (attachment) Sabre Trim (attachment)

Versatile 3 in 1 grasstrimmer attachment for trimming, edging and shrubbing.

1.9 kg / 4.19 lbs 300x320x200 mm / 11.81x12.6x7.87 inch

Quick and easy to follow advice for a neat and tidy garden

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